8301 Killam Industrial Blvd. Killam Industrial Park
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About Us

About Us

Texas Forwarding Services

We are Texas Forwarding Services we are specialized in 3PL Services, Warehousing, Mexican and US Customs Broker, advice on legal and regulatory compliance, among others.

Operations are based on a regulatory compliance, Information Technologies and Continuous Improvement approach.

Facilities & Infrastructure

5 – Distribution Centers
500,000+ ft2 of installed WH capacity
Drop yard for special operations ( 8 acres)
600+ spaces for freight management
180+ door docks
Controlled temperature chamber for cross-dock operations.

Modern facilities & Infrastructure.

We have 5 – Distribution Centers, modern facilities & Infrastructure, with high level of knowledge of personnel. Efficient – Lean processes along the supply chain, which are offered to TFS’ customers.

We have 6 different locations in Laredo Tx.

Killam Industrial Park
A – 8301 Killam
B – 8311 Killam
C – 8502 Killam
D – 14621-25 Archer
E – 11910 Hayter

Milo Industrial Park
F – 605 Nafta

Mission Vision Values

Texas Forwarding is a company that is committed to respond to our customer challenges with customized and  innovative  global logistic solutions  that reach the highest  quality and reliability standards, always maintaining the best cost-service relation.

Be the market leaders in offering integral logistics services in brokerage, transportation, logistics and distribution operations, always meeting Customs requirements and offering to our customers a high degree of confidence in managing their operations

  • Customer Focus and passion for service
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Quality and Proactivity
  • Integral development of our personnel
  • Integrity

Directorio e Instalaciones

Frontera EaglePass

  • Tx. - Piedras Negras, Coah.
  • Gerente de Relaciones Comerciales

Aduana de Veracruz

  • Veracruz
  • Gerente de Operaciones

Frontera Laredo

  • Tx - Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. / Colombia, N.L.
  • Gerente ALCALOSA

Aeropuerto Internacional CDMX

  • Aduana Aeropuerto Ciudad de México
  • Gerente de Operaciones

Oficina en Monterrey, N.L.

  • Monterrey, N.L.
  • Gerente

Oficina en Manzanillo, Col.

  • Manzanillo, Col.
  • Supervisor General de Operaciones