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Texas Forwarding Services

We are an specialized 3PL Services, Warehousing, Mexican and US Customs Broker, advice on legal and regulatory compliance, among others.

We help you to…

Our services

Bonded Warehouse
US Customs Broker
GO and FTZ facilities
Container station
Controlled temperature area for crossdock
Vendor Management services
Local FTL & LTL delivery
Special Operations and maneuvers
QA inspection
Maquila and labeling
Repack and other several customized services

Specialized 3PL Services

Specialized Services Logistics offers comprehensive, scalable 3PL supply chain solutions that are supported by leading-edge technology, experienced professionals, and an extensive alliance network.

We help your business grow so you can have more time to operate and make strategic decisions supported by our expert logistics consultants.


More than just storage, our warehouses are your supply chain pit-stop, expertly designed to keep your products flowing through the supply chain at a pace of your choosing. Lean, efficient and highly compliant with a host of value-added services
We have 5 – Distribution Centers, 500,000+ ft2 of installed WH capacity, Drop yard for special operations ( 8 acres), 600+ spaces for freight management, 180+ door docks, controlled temperature chamber for cross-dock operations.


Perfectly complementing our warehouses, take advantage of our extensive distribution network for product deliveries. With a team of experts you can trust and our proven process includes taking the time to research your supply chain in detail so we can create the perfect distribution solution for you.
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Legal compliance
Continuous Improvement
Personnel Experience
Personnel Competencies
I.T Solutions

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